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Pastor Colvin MacPherson

ColvinPastor Colvin Strathallan MacPherson was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1963. His father was a New Zealander with Scottish heritage and mother a latvian who arrived in New Zealand after the second world war. The children were raised in a Christian and Latvian manner, learning the language mainly through the efforts of Mum. Colvin felt the call to ministry while still at High School, and so in 1981, he moved to Adelaide, South Australia to begin training for Ministry at Luther Seminary. He graduated with a Bachelor of Theology degree in 1985.

Colvin completed his vicarage year under Pastor Krauklis at the Latvian ev.lutheran Church in Sydney in 1986. On the 7th of December 1986 he was ordained a minister of The Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Church Abroad. Pastor Krauklis retired in mid 1987, and pastor Colvin MacPherson was elected pastor of the congregation.

In 1988, Colvin married Linda and the marriage is blessed with two children - Daniel and Krista.

In February 1996, pastor Colvin was elected as president of The Association of Latvian Evangelical Lutheran Congregations in Australia, and is subsequently installed as the Dean. He resigned this post on August 14th 2013 and also left the Latvian ev. Lutheran Church Abroad and is now an Independent minister.

Pastor Colvin has been active in the Church hierarchy for many years, as a member of a co-ordination committee that worked closely with the Latvian Lutheran Church of Latvia, as well as being a member of the Executive Latvian Church Council. He has been guest lecturer at congregational days (draud┼żu dienas) in Garezers,Katskils,Seattle as well as Germany. He has also taught at congregational days in Perth, Western Australia and in april of 2007, led a congregational seminar in Minneapolis. Pastor Colvin

In December of 2011, the congregation celebrated the 25th anniversary of Pastor Colvin's ordination. The celebrations were marked with a service of thanksgiving and a great luncheon.

Pastor spends his spare time, supporting his family, walking the dogs, baking Latvian Piragi, watching tennis and AFL - Aussie Rules football!

Pastor Colvin has recently authored two books in Latvian which have been published by the Latvian Ev. Lutheran Church in Sydney.