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Photo Galleries

To give you an insight into life in our Church, we will post different photo galleries.

The pictures will be in a smaller format on the page. To view a larger version of the image simply click on it. Some of the galleries have only larger images.

So as to avoid unnecessary duplication, the page headings will be in Latvian, but there will be a link in English to the home page in the navigation bar.

DRAUDŽU DIENAS 2013 - Congregational days 2013

KAPU SVĒTKI - Memorial service Rookwood 2012


Harvest Thanksgiving 09

Congregational life 1949-2009

Garden Fete and Installation of President 09

Australia Day 09

Christchurch 08

Memorial service cemetery 08

Harvest Thanksgiving 08

New fence construction

Birthdays celebrations

Ramp construction

Garden Fete 08

Easter 2008

Pastor Colvin MacPherson 20 year ordination

Garden fete april 07


Congregational workers

Harvest fete

Installation of Vicar Laura Skrabane

Memorial service at cemetery 07

Christmas Concert 07